Guna Grinberga


I like to play. And one of my favorite games is an imagining game: What if? What if I was a Chinese in a big Chinese city? What if I had to survive on a hot day in Santiago de Chile with no money? This game makes me feel local and fitted-in wherever I am in the world.

I don’t know if it is the constant playing of this game or my curiosity, but I have always experienced the following contradiction: most of the travels in my life have had a serious purpose – work or studies, but funny enough I have always managed to have some extraordinary experiences in the most ordinary places. Actually, I have never been to some really exotic, remote spots where no tourists have ever stepped their feet. But I have had lots of fun in places that have been described million times in tourist guides. And when I tell about all these incredible experiences to my friends, they are surprised, cause they had no idea it could be done and I normally hear: I have to go there again and try it out!!!!

One more thing you should know about me – I like to share and connect. I think that actually, it is one of my biggest pleasures in life. Being able to connect the people with somebody or something, that can take them to the next level, or share some valuable, life-changing information that has an enormous impact on their future, feels really amazing. And as it is so natural for humans to seek pleasure, here is my way of that – sharing the stories and hopefully valuable information for you on my blog.

So, once you have reached your destination, visited the important sightseeing spots and enjoyed some cozy restaurant, I invite you to go deeper and play my game together with me!

I will provide you with the list of opportunities and the existent rules if there are some, you take the challenge, enjoy it and let me know how you liked it.

Let’s go beyond the traditional travel experiences and take it to the next level  – more local, challenging and extraordinary!