the lost glimpses of Kyiv

One month ago…
On Thursday morning of 24.02.2022, it began. And I have been paralyzed ever since. The days consist of reading the news and pinching myself to check if it is still happening – the war next door, the war in Ukraine.
So many thoughts, questions of what could have been done differently, what is the lesson for each of us, and enormous sympathy (actually this word seems so “small” compared to what I feel, but I don’t know any better) for Ukrainian people. There is no doubt that the war in Ukraine has changed all of us forever, made us rethink our existence and values, and made us ask questions. Isn’t the so-called “pacifism” the same as weakness and fear of daring to have a clear opinion even if it can be wrong? Can one nonpolitical person influence the initiation of wars at all and how? What to say to the people of the aggressor country knowing that those people are against the invasions done by their government but have to suffer anyway? And how worth is the human life in the world where the grey cardinals and business interests rule almost everything?
And even if we cannot answer these questions right now, there is something that all those cataclysms assure us. It is something every war, tyran, psychopath, or dictatorial politician can teach us – the appreciation of our fragile lives. The lives that can disappear by somebodies will in each moment. But are we ready, every evening before falling asleep, to leave this world in peace, if the army of some Putin-like individual will suddenly start bombing your city? Or did we again live that grey and duty filled day just temporary while daydreaming once in a while of the future (because, of course, when this and that will pass, finish, start, change or will be earned, we will live better and happier, right?) – the future that will probably never happen. The trivial and almost vulgar phrase of living each day as the last one has never made so much sense…
Lost history
And now when the invasion of Russia has taken over Ukraine I have realized that is not only human life that is fragile, but also historical places and countries. Whether it is an earthquake, aggression of some other country, flood or anything else, it can suddenly destroy a place and all the heritage, culture, architecture and even human stories will at the best case only be found in the books and photos… And the pain of putting some unimportant things instead of visiting that place even though it was already on the wishlist, will nag our minds for the rest of our life.
My pain and nagging will always be about not visiting Ukraine before the war. That Ukraine …that will never be like before. And I hope that I will stop counting all those moments where I could have visited Kyiv or another Ukrainian city and seen all the beauty that now is brutally destroyed by the Russian aggressors. Because I was sure that one day, somehow, when the right time comess… These places are lost forever and even though I am sure, they will be rebuilt when Ukrain wins, it will not be the same. How I wish I could share stories and pictures about those places. But I can’t and that is why I had to ask my friend who did listen to her urge to travel when that impulse came and didn’t wait for the right time far in the future if she can contribute her photos. And now these photos will be my lost Ukraine. And when the war is over and I will go to celebrate the victory of the freedom with the Ukrainian people, I will check if there is something left of those places that I share now with you.
The right time
Some months ago sipping drinks in some “secret/forbidden” place (very recently there was a time when it was full of forbidden places, forbidden activities, and even forbidden people – apparently not only Putin attacks the democracy) I had a conversation with a Frenchman about cryptocurrency and investments in general and I was asking him when is the right time to start investing. His answer I will remember forever: “The best time to invest was 20 years ago, but the second-best time is now.”
Isn’t it also now that is the best time to travel to the place where by your sixth sense you can feel that it has to be done now?
Talking about the right time
Yes, this is an article about those places we have not seen but should have. About regrets that give so much pain. but also about lessons from those regrets and remembering the fragileness of the world and the fact that the only thing that doesn’t change on this planet is the constant change of everything and remembering that the right time is always now.
What is your lost destination?
As I don’t have answers to those big questions but I have conclusions that I have drawn so far regarding my life and what I am going to do differently. One of these things is the way I am going to travel. Before I chose my destinations depending on what life brought me: projects, friends, eventsi was invited to and found it a good way of picking my destinations – going with a flow as they say. But now I have realized how much I have missed by not choosing destinations that were in a fragile position. As ithas happened to Ukraine. AS my country is so close to iti have had countless opportunities to take a flight and experience this amazing country, but somehow
The lost history 
The war in Ukraine
Atthe endI want to ask you: the good and the bad guys. After the covid repressionswe learntthe free will and decisions about our own body is just an immaginationand also in the westerworld democracy is just I word. However, the killings were indirect,

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